Let’s Make a Difference!

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Mentoring makes a big difference: When kids enjoy a regular, positive activity without an adult over the course of a year, those kids are 46% less likely to begin using drugs, 27% less likely to begin using alcohol, and 52% less likely to skip school. This decreases drug-related suspensions, drug-related crime, and the number of babies born drug-affected.

Youth mentors are desperately needed to provide companionship and guidance to at-risk children. Family tragedy, divorce, and financial problems can leave a child lonely and longing for adult support. These children need help with their school work, a listening ear, and unwavering encouragement. Unfortunately, school teachers in crowded classrooms have little time to give individual attention. School Counselors are busy too, and most high school students receive less than three hours of career guidance during their four years of high school. There are 14.6 million at-risk young people who need mentors  by volunteering as a youth mentor you can help one of them have a better life.

Children guided by a successful role model are more likely to improve their academic performance, through better decision-making skills, self-confidence, and sense of belonging. Youth in mentoring programs tend to have better relationships with parents, teachers, and peers. They are also more likely to attend and graduate from college.  BYF is  dedicated to assisting our children on a road to success.

Youth mentors help children set goals, solve problems, and make good choices. A mentor never takes the place of a parent — a mentor simply provides a positive role model for the at-risk child. Simple activities such as reading together, playing games, shooting some hoops, going to museums, and doing homework can mean the world to a young person eager for guidance.

You can make a difference by becoming a youth mentor for a child in your community or for a child in an online mentoring program. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have.

How To Make A Difference

There are many ways to fit youth mentoring into your schedule. You may mentor informally when you have time, set a weekly appointment, or even mentor through the internet.

Local Youth Mentoring Opportunities

Mentoring at-risk youth in your neighborhood is an easy way to make an immediate difference. You may choose to be an informal mentor to a child in your extended family, church, or community. Getting involved can be as simple as tutoring, coaching a sports team, advising a hobby club, driving neighborhood kids to team practices, or assisting a teacher at a local school. You may read with students, chaperone events, or assist with school-based activities.

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